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Friday, February 13, 2009

Religious Extremism

I am not just against Christian religious hatred, but also ANY religion's use of its beliefs to persecute others. Christianity has been tamed by two centuries of secularism and by decaying religious observance. Only in America out of all western countries does the majority of the population declare themselves religious, and the malign influence of the fundamentalist meatheads is obvious. But Muslim countries are FAR more religious (except for Turkey) and their religion is FAR more militant (how many Christian or Jewish suicide bombers have there been over the last few decades?) This is an interesting site (thanks to Rock for pointing me towards it) by a Muslim who points towards the malign fanaticism in their faith.

BTW, I don't agree with Sam Harris that religion is inherently evil. I have met too many sincere believers (in all three Abrahamic faiths) who are truly good ppl, and whose religion has made them not haters and destroyers but honest, decent builders and creators who make life better than it might otherwise be.

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