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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hot versus Lovable

I've got heaps of thoughts on this, but no time to elaborate. So let's take just one. Why does our body betray us into thinking someone hot when they aren't particularly likable, never mind lovable? I don't think it's just a male thing, but I think we're much more prone to it than women are. Take a look at the pic. I find that so erotic, the body warm from the sun, the curve of buttocks, legs and doings, the contrast between the white and the tan. Yet for all I know, the guy is a total arsehole, up himself, arrogant, selfish and stupid. Yet.... something atavistic in me makes him so fricking hot. It's a bit shaming actually, that at my age I still sometimes think with my gonads not my head. I mean, he may be the nicest and most endearing bloke around. But I don't know, do I? And part of me doesn't care.

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