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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Today, 1st June, is officially the first day of winter. The temp this morning was just 4C, and there was a thick mist which is burning off now to leave a glorious winter's day, sunny but cold.

So in honour of a new season, I give a pic of brumbies (wild horses) from the Kosciuszko National Park, Australia's snow country, where believe it or not, snow in winter can be feet thick and it even snows in summer, on occasion. A beautiful bleak countryside, with a climate, flora and fauna quite different to what most people think of when they imagine Oz. Snow gums, slow-growing and twisted, dominate what treed areas there are. And there are black tarns with ice sheets reaching out from their edges and mysterious wooden shacks and houses which once served shepherds, cattlemen and lumberjacks.

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