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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Older Guys

I've bemoaned the absence of stories ( books or films) about older gay-shaded guys. All the pics you ever see are of handsome youngsters. So I'd thought I'd share some images of Craig Foster, who is (or used to be) an Ozzie soccer player. He's about 40 now, and all these photos are recent.

Now before y'all start jumping up and down, I have no idea whether Fozzie is gay or straight. I'm just posting this pics to show you that an older bloke can be very handsome. Colin Firth (I suppose fifty-ish now) is not gay, either, and he's very, very hot. It's something to do with them still having good bodies. No flab, no fat, no sags. When you combine that with the assurance and confidence that older guys have, the savoir-faire that allows them to navigate the world with grace and finesse...
I suppose the conclusion for me is to do more exercise. So I'm off to the gym.

What do you think?

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