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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Frank Lampard, Robbie Williams and other things

I was half in love with a bloke who looked at lot like Frank Lampard. A lot. Same thin face, same piercing eyes, same gorgeous colouring. Must be the Irish in both of them.

That's him in the blue. Handsome bloke, isn't he?

Now that's also him in the pink swimsuit. Pink? Pink??? Is there a message there?

And c'mon guys, by the way, are you really telling me that swim shorts are less revealing than swimbriefs? We don't have an image of the front of these pink wonders, but, judging from the back.....

Just for the record, just because I have a pic or two of Frank Lampard on these pages does not mean I think he's gay or even gay-shaded. And nor, despite the jokes, do I think a pink swimsuit suggests anything more than a mild metrosexuality. (Unfortunate judgement, perhaps.... )

But then, on the other hand, there is the tryst between Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow in several Brokeback Mountain type scenes in this video. Do they mean anything? Um.... Robbie's just got married. Hasn't he? OK, I get it, it's a joke. But every time a celeb makes a joke like this it erases a bit of our shame and self-hatred, and makes it easier to let ourselves feel love and affection for another man.

Oh, and again.... Robbie Williams is very, very sexy. Not beautiful. Sexy. As clear an example as any that you do not need to be a sculpted gym-rat to be hot.

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