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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh to be slim!

My mate Rockhunter sent me this photo, with the email titled "Oh to be slim!". We're both of us no longer slim, alas. I once was, in another galaxy long ago and far away....

I'm on a diet which has worked very well in the past - I lost 17.5 kilos over 10 months. So far I've lost 1.8 kilos over 2 weeks. Meanwhile, this picture will encourage me to keep going.

He has a nice smile, doesn't he?


Anonymous said...

I like the last picture best too. I've heard it called a swimmer's build. And the women you overheard had the right idea on what makes a guy attractive. A clean well-groomed older man can be just as appealing as a youth in full bloom. They described what makes a man attractive succinctly and accurately. It bears quoting;

"They found men working with rolled up shirt-sleeves sexy; they found men with shapely bums sexy; they found men who were strong yet kind and compassionate very hot. "

Nigel said...

Yet I still somehow feel I ought to work out, build my biceps and shoulders and chest and pecs.

Anonymous said...

Abs under control then, Nigel? I've been doing so many crunches that I have calluses on my bum. I know the abs are there somewhere, but they are too shy to show themselves.

Nigel said...

My abs are hidden too. But you learn in ballet to stand up straight, and when I do, my tummy is much flatter!