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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Miranda and Orlando

In the style of the mindless magazines available at supermarket checkout.  WTF are Miranda and Orlando, I hear you ask, irritably.  A new Booker prize novel?  A short story by somebody famous?

Nope.  Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom.  Since I had the hots for both of them, I am now cast down by the news that they've married.  Still, there are some rather nice pics. 

You may be as hermit-like as me, and if you are, for your information, Orlando is a British actor, while Miranda (which means "must be admired", entirely appropriately in my view) is an Ozzie-American model.

They can both put their shoon under my bed, as me old mum says.  Not that they will!

I vish zem big 'appeeness in ze futur

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