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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

It's 10 pm on 31st December 2010.  So not quite new year, yet.  But these times are quite arbitrary really.  In New Zealand it is new year, and being d'un certain age, I prefer to celebrate early.  And anyway, it's summer (daylight saving) time.  If we didn't change the clock between winter and summer, it wouldn't be new year even in Noz.

It's been a day every bit as hot as they said it would be:  nearer sea level the temperature did reach 40 C (104 F) and the cool change promised for 9 pm has yet to arrive.

But I watched the light drain out of the evening sky: cobalt high up, a pale turquoise in the middle and a pearly opalescent sheen at the horizon, bracketed by drifting cumulus tinged rose on their western edges.  In the distance the Wombat State Forest loomed a sooty-hued olive, the sky happily clear of bushfire smoke.  Nearer, the elms and oaks planted by homesick Englishmen one hundred and fifty years ago were ink against the pearly shine.  A distant rhythmic thump from a party (when last did we go to a party we enjoyed?)  My lady and I sip the champagne she gave me for Christmas and wish each other Happy New Year (NZ time)

I contemplate the last three years of hell, and wish -- hope -- that this year might be different.  But I know that Providence is neither to be relied up, nor suborned or persuaded.  Que sera, sera.  All the same, defying these tedious realities, I wish you all  'n gelukkige en voorspoedige nuwe jaar:  a happy and prosperous new year.  Perhaps this year Providence will be persuaded to let up.  Next year in Jerusalem.  Or whatever your Jerusalem is.

But perhaps you prefer this more light-hearted look at Fate, from the thirties when they knew horrors and had to strenuously pretend they didn't exist.

Singing Auld Lang Syne is impossible: I remember too many dearly beloveds who have died, who will not be here this evening with me. Adieu mes chers, adieu.


Anonymous said...

"I contemplate the last three years of hell"

That bad? Hope it gets better. Happy New Year.

Nigel said...

I hope it gets better too!

A very dear friend died, the GFC caused me huge stress and forced me to accept a 50% pay cut (still in effect), my best friend's wife died, my father-in-law died, we were nearly burnt out in two bush fires, we had to paint and repair our house for sale, and then endured the sale process, while getting much less for our house than we'd hoped, the heating in the new house broke down in the coldest winter in 20 years, and I didn't have the money to get it repaired....