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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Car Blues

My car has finally died.  Two years or so ago, the garage advised us that if something went seriously wrong with the car it was not worth fixing.  I thought it would last till June or July of that year.  Instead it has continued working till now. 

So I've been walking to the station (20 minutes for someone as confectus aetate as me, carrying a heavy laptop) and half an hour down to the village.  My knees ache and my ankles ache and my hips ache from all this walking.  I know, it helps me lose weight.  And yes, I know, exercise is good for you.  But when you can hear the bones grinding in your knees, it's not so good, neh?  Anyway, we've decided to get another car next week.  Not a new one (do I look as if I'm made of money?) but one that's only 8 years old instead of 16.

Sic vita est.   Not many months ago we made the last payment on the other car.  Oh well. 

Mustn't grumble.

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