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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reciprocal Links

When I link to another website, it's because I like it, or because it's a friend's, or because I think maybe you might find it useful.

I don't expect to be linked back.  If I am, great!  If not, well, that's your indaba -- I promise not to cry myself asleep.

So far only Anel Viz's site has linked back to mine.  Until recently.

Now GayTwoGether has linked to me.  I'm honoured (or perhaps honored, since they're American).  Thank you.

This amazing photo comes from them.  Isn't he just the cat's pyjamas? (I'm assuming he's nice inside too, natch I am -- would I be attracted to a bloke just because he's beaut?  Nah -- I'm too old and wise for that lark.)

1 comment:

the immigayrant said...

Hi Nick!

I just linked your blog(s) on my blog.
Btw, why do you keep 2 blogs that appear very similar?


Grant, the gay migrant