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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jamie Bell

Remember him?  He played the title role in Billy Elliot.

You know how important dance is to me.  When I was dancing it was the whole world.  Nothing outside the floor, the barre, the music, the dance, moving: nothing else seemed to matter.  Once in a while, I'd do some complicated move and just for a moment it was truly magic.  I'd feel the music made physical in my body in my dance.  So naturally, when Billy Elliot was released I went to see it.  And it has stuck in my memory ever since.

Meanwhile, since then, all unbeknown to me, Jamie Bell went on to become an actor.  He's in Spielberg's new Tintin ("The Secret of the Unicorn"), and a film based on one of Rosemary Sutcliffe's historical novels ("The Eagle Source").   He's a looker too.   He's straight, but no matter.  He can't help that! 

The Australian ran a piece on him, reprinted from The Guardian (a curious liaison, since The Guardian is left wing and The Australian right).  You can read it here.

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