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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blogger has a bizarre bug

Or should that be Bogger has a bizarre blug? (Only a Brit will get that pun)

If you transfer the contents of your blog to a new blog, the posts counter stops working.  Or maybe it's to do with LinkWithin.  Who knows?  But Google is so busy with Google+ they have has no time to fix minor glitches in Blooger.

Anyway, I've renamed my old blog to Gay-Shaded.  So now I have 5 blogs to manage.  This will remain the main one, though.

By the way, do any of you out there have a Google+ account?

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1 comment:

Nikolaos said...

After doing some research, I discovered that if I turn off the "adult" flag, it starts recording indibidual posts. Bizarre. It didn't use to be like that.