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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Aussie Speedo Guy in court

Apparently Speedo doesn't like Dave Evans, who owns Aussie Speedo Guy, using their name.  His sites feature, they complain, ''images of persons wearing swimwear briefs and related offensive images''. Others featured, they grumbled, "nudity, offensive images and graphic sexual content".  Tisk.

Meanwhile, you may enjoy this pic from his website, which seems to feature all these evil features that Speedo complains about.   I'll keep you posted about where his new website pops up.  (Note:  I've changed all the links to point to his new website, here)

1 comment:

Muskox said...

The Speedo company is probably just trying to maintain a brand name. There is a precedent in American copyright law that if a company doesn't make a reasonable effort to ensure the exclusiveness of their brand name, they may lose the exclusive right to use that name. If Speedo were to ignore another company who made and advertise bathing suits with the name Speedo on them, after awhile, the courts would allow that company to continue to make and sell Speedos, saying Speedo was no longer an exclusive brand name. Products like Jell-o and Kleenex have had to spent millions threatening legal action and or suing to keep their name from become a generic name for gelatin or tissues. Aussie Speedo Guy isn't selling swimwear, but Speedo is probably paranoid -- rightly so, considering how flaky courts are in the US -- and doesn't want anybody else using the name Speedo in any unauthorized context.