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Saturday, October 29, 2011


I know this will be controversial, and I'll get grumbling and snarling emails, but I don't like straight men--or, to be precise most of the straight men I've encountered (see Anel's comment below).  Oh, I know one or two straight men who are decent enough blokes.  But they just don't get it.  It's too hard for them to understand what we're like.  For them, their sexuality is innate, "normal".  There's never any doubt, any problem.  They're turned on by women and they never have to wrestle with being an outsider, with being different, with having feelings and desires which are not congruent with the "norms" of society.  They never had the agonising over their love for a male friend.  They never had to pretend to have a girlfriend, so that a judgmental society would not put them in a box and close the lid.  Yet they say things like "why do gay men make such a fuss about being gay?" and "I don't want to hear about your sex life" when they've just regaled you with their love for their girlfriend/wife.  I hate their assumption that you inevitably find them attractive.  I hate their blithe assumption that all is well with the world.  Their world.  The world where culture, politics, law, custom, popular fiction and films, TV, sports, shops, restaurants, public transport, schools, hospitals and universities embrace heterosexuality and "normality".  I'm so fucking sick of straight men.

And I have to confess also to sorrow and dismay when bisexual men embrace the macho crap of the hetero lifestyle and maintain they dislike the feminine in us, even while they're having it off with their blokes.

Yeah.  A dyspeptic post.  Yet, sometimes I get so furious with the follies and narrowness of mankind.  And every so often I feel a compelling need to shout or groan or weep from the rooftops.  Consider this a rant.  Normal programming will resume tomorrow


Anel Viz said...

Never put anyone in a box; you know better than that. "So many straight men" or "most straight me" or "the straight men I've met always..." but not "all straight men". Not all anything. As a bi male, I personally find exaggerated effeminacy unattractive (in women, too), but macho swagger equally so. Anything that smacks of affectation. But I don't look down on people just because they have mannerisms.

Nikolaos said...

True, old sage, true. I amend that to "99% of the straight men I've met". :-)