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Sunday, August 26, 2012

The March of the Anti-Christ

The ChrisTaliban have been opposing human rights for centuries.  This photograph (from Blue Truck, Red State) of a protest in 1957 in Little Rock Arkansas, against integration has some choice posters:  Race Mixing is Communism, and Stop the Race Mixing March of the Anti-Christ.

Every major human rights reform of the last two centuries has been opposed by the Christian-Fascists: the abolition of slavery; the right of women to own property; the vote for women; divorce; birth control; abolition of segregation; Black rights; and now, gay rights.

I confidently predict that the churches will be as embarrassed by their unwholesome, rancid and irrational  hatred of gays in fifty years time as they are now about their former support for slavery, subjugation of women, etc.

1 comment:

Liz/moth said...

I think you'll find the worst of them are still endorsing the subjugation of women! And a lot of them clearly feel no embarrassment whatsoever! (They seem to support all the things they disapprove of in other countries such as Iran.)