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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The ChrisTaliban strike again

Hetero Awareness Month?  Good grief!  These drongos really love their victimhood.

The story is that the son of Rick R Reed, the author, saw this specious tosh at this Facebook page, and responded thus:

"How come nobody asked me what I want?..." It's clear to me that no one who was involved in the creation of this BS site ever bothered to ask children of gay parents how we feel about it. Well, even though you scrupulously avoided asking (because you knew you probably wouldn't like the answer, and it certainly wouldn't be useful to this campaign of slander), let me tell you, as the son of a gay man. My father is a remarkable man, he's an accomplished artist, he was a caring and involved father and mentor, and I love him. Therefore, I'm glad he was lucky enough to find love and happiness with someone who loves him back and appreciates him. I certainly don't care what that someone has between his legs; that's your PRURIENT AND WHOLLY INAPPROPRIATE CONCERN, and I really wish you'd stop putting it on people like me. You already claim to speak for gay people ("It's a choice," "Every gay relationship is dysfunctional," "No gay person can really be a Christian," etc) is that not enough? Do you need to appropriate the speech of their children too?

Not long after he posted this, the comment was deleted and he was banned for life from that site.  Just as happened with me and so-called NOM.

These hate-mongers aren't interested in debate or discussion.  They just want to take a hammer and pound their narrow obscurantist pre-Copernican opinions into our heads.  Anybody who disagrees, no matter how politely, is silenced.

You can read more here.

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