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Friday, December 5, 2014

Office dinners

My boss thinks he does us a favour by having a Christmas dinner for us.  He takes us to an expensive restaurant, in the idea that it's a sort of thank you for our year's work.  But, although I am polite, even amiable, with the ppl at work, I don't really have anything in common with them.  I have nothing in common with their partners.  The resto is always a meat-eater one, and there is nothing on the menu that we can eat.  I'm old and tired.  My lady is too.  We'd much rather spend Saturday night comfortably at home in our pajamas and dressing gown drinking our own cheap champagne and entertaining ourselves.  Invariably, the vegetarian food in meato restaurants is worse and duller than what we cook at home (not true of vegetarian restaurants, though). Yet it would cause offence not to go.  So go we will, to endure a few hours of boredom and tedium.

At least we are spared silly paper hats.

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