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Friday, July 7, 2017

Toxic masculinity

Elliott Harvey blinded in one eye by a homophobic attack (Source)

A man is blinded in one eye in an attack in a Melbourne night club.  Why?

Mr Harvey said he went to the Rubix on Phoenix Street on Friday, May 26, to watch a band. As he was going into the venue "some aggressive young guys" walked past him.

"I think they particularly disliked my hair cut, having my hair up in a fountain like this," he said, pointing to his ponytail.

"All the things they said to me were pretty trivial, just homophobic insults."

The three men, believed to be aged in their 20s, punched him to the ground, and then continued to punch his head and right eye.

"It was cowardly really ... I was on the ground when they punched my eye out," he said.

"I was just wondering where my eye had gone, I couldn't see out of my right eye, that's a pretty alien feeling."

Mr Harvey was taken to hospital in a taxi after the attack and has had several operations since. Nothing has restored his eyesight.

"I had a laceration to my right eye which has been sewn back up," he said.

"A couple of days later they reattached my retina to the back of my socket, which has restored very little sight. It's all just touch and go at the moment."

The injuries mean that Mr Harvey, an environmental conservationist, cannot work.

"It's drastically affected my life," he said.

"I can't work because I can't drive, but also depth perception has a lot to do with walking through undulating forests.

"I can't really go surfing because of the glare.

"A lot of the things that make me happy are pretty sad right now."

[Read the original report here]

 I was blinded in one eye by a homophobic attack at school.  And yes, it makes lots of things very difficult.

Mr Macho Men, so afraid of their own gay leanings that they have to beat up and blind another human being!   Mr Big-Deals, determined that everybody should be like them: homophobic, narrow, conformist.  Mr So-Braves, ganging up, and kicking and hitting (all three of them!) someone when he's down.  Sorry, guys, this is not how real men behave.

I keep on having ppl tell me how much more tolerant ppl are  today.  And yet there are still homophobic arseholes so filled with hatred for gay men that they attack someone, unprovoked, and blind them.  Scum.  I hope they get long prison sentences.

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