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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Rejecter

The Rejecter


My lady wrote a marvellous thriller, sent off an excellent query letter, had a couple of nibbles, then nothing. In the end, she gave up, and we published the story in a Yahoo group. I'm not biassed, I think, but I thought the novel was as good as P.D James or Minette Walters. We're a family of writers -- sons, daughter, father-in-law -- and spend a lot of time discussing our stories and what constitutes "good" writing. She was so discouraged by the experience that she gave up writing, and I -- whose writing is not nearly so polished as hers, and in an even more unpromising genre (romantic m2m) -- never even bothered to try. If *she* can't succeed, what chance do I have?

I'm still writing. I can't *not* write, or I get deeply depressed. I love the difficulties and intricacies of balancing plot, character and character development, description, and dialogue, and I find it immensely satisfying when, after all that, my readers are moved to tears or laughter by my creations.

Who needs publication, already :-)


Update (posted 27/11/10):

I've started posting Black & Deep Desires to my website.  You can read the prologue here.

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