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Monday, July 20, 2020

Illustrating ElvenSword, DemonThrong and AngelFire

I saw this image in my Twitter feed by artist William Kenney.  I liked it so much I asked him whether he'd like to illustrate my Tapestry of Life trilogy when it's published.  And he said he might do it.

Now I just have to get my trilogy published!  I've written nearly 60,000 words of AngelFire, the third volume in the trilogy. I'm about halfway through.  I had hopes that I would have finished it by now, but I've had a few spells of writer's block.  I'm working on it again now.  And I have completely revised and rewritten DemonThrong and ElvenSword, so they're ready to go as soon as AngelFire is finished.

You can follow William on Twitter, here, and on Instagram, here.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Love starts with a smile (A ficlet)

So, here I am, at another pathetic party where I know no-one.  Someone in the corner talking about kale.  A smug couple, she beautiful, he handsome.  Just loving themselves.  Like everybody here.

Yeah, I know, why am I so grumpy?  Looking for Mr Right.  Only he isn’t here, is he?  All happy couples.  Even a couple of gay ones.  Innit wonderful? 

I sip my glass of fizz.  How soon can I go?  I can go home and binge watch Netflix.  With something more potent than fizz.  Oblivion.  And no work tomorrow, so maybe a late breakfast at Chez Moi on the beachfront.

A bloke comes in.  Slim as.  Absurdly slim.  Dark brown eyes, reddish blond hair.  He goes over and kisses the smug couple, both of them.  They twitter at each other.  He helps himself to wine, turns and looks at me, catches my eye.  And comes over.  My heart’s beating so fast I feel sick.


I bow, unable to speak.  My mouth too dry.

He smiles.

“Let me guess.  An elegant European.  A count perhaps.  Your mama sent you here to find a wife.”

Find myself smiling.  “Not very likely.”

“Good,” he replied with a quick flash of a smile.  “Me too.”  He moves closer, and turns to face away from me, looking at the others.  I can feel the warmth from his body next to mine.  The hair on my arms prickles.

“Will the Countess mind if you find a husband instead?”

“Prolly freak her out.  Just a tad.”  It’s my turn to smile.

“Ah well, into each life a little rain must fall,” with another quick flicker.  “Anything on later?”

“Binge-watching Netflix.”

“Riveting.  Does it have to be done alone?”

I turn to face him, drowning in the toffee-coloured eyes.   “No.”

He leans in to kiss me.  I feel the prickle of his beard.  The muscle of his lips.  The slim body against mine.

“We might not want to watch Netflix,” I say, daring.

“No, we might not.”  And this time the smile lasts.

And we didn’t.

(341 words)