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Friday, January 9, 2009

Male Beuty

First off, 'beuty' is my little rebellion against the absurdities of English spelling. I know it's spelled 'beauty'. So there.

I take as my exemplars of male beuty Ben Cohen (the English rugby player) and Mitch Hewer (a Brit actor, who acts a gay teen in a Brit soap). Both men are straight. Now I'm not averse to Mitch Hewer's looks. He has a lovely lithe body and a pretty face. Wish mine were half so good. But Ben Cohen does it for me far more that Mitch does. That chunkier man's body, that squarer face.

Who knows why?

It just is so.

Judge for yourself.

Mitch Hewer is the blond, Ben Cohen the dark one with the cropped hair. And doesn't Ben have a lovely smile?

Nigel The Plain

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