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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Youth vs Age

Why is it we (well most of us, anyway) are programmed to find youth physically more attractive than age?

The scientists argue that good health and good looks go together with being good for having babies. We are, supposedly, drawn to beauties because they have good genes. Or something. But how does that work with same sex attraction? No babies there. I explain it by saying that the well-springs of pure attraction are similar, but that which gender you're attracted to is determined by other forces. If you're gay or bi it's something in your childhood (for the psychologists) or your genes (for the geneticists). Who knows?

Anyway, I thought you might like this pic. OK, so the whole post was just an excuse to show the image. Eat my shorts.



Anonymous said...

I think it's built into us. Everything looks better in it's prime condition. You don't want an apple that's starting to soften and wrinkle. You want it perfectly ripe. That rose looks so much better when it is opening and just revealing those perfectly formed petals. It's the same with men. You crave that vitality - the healthy muscle tone, the unblemished skin. Even if we ourselves are past our prime, we all think we deserve the best. You look at a good-looking young man and you forget yourself and subconsciously "borrow" that vitality for a few moments.

Nigel said...

Well, see, you presuppose the argument by defining "prime" as a physical attribute. What if it is a mental attribute? Then we would be attracted to older, wiser guys, and never mind the wrinkles and flab! ;-)

Anonymous said...

The physical attributes are immediate -- visual impact, eye contact, smell, tone of voice -- these are the first things we notice. It isn't until you spend time with a person do you become aware of personality. Sense of humor probably is probably the first inner attribute you notice, then you become aware of intelligence, kindness, intolerance, etc. -- the things that determine whether the person is someone you wish to spend time with.

Let's face it, we are still basically animals, but with an overlay of intelligence and logic that allows understanding the past and anticipating the future. We react to the physical and emotional before intelligence kicks in.

Nigel said...

You've inspired me to write another piece on this topic]

And yes: we are still basically animals!

Patrick Young said...

and the promise of what we missed at that age is always an enigma.