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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Beauty of Ballet Dancers

Ballet dancers have very strong bodies. They (I can't say we any more, alas) do vigorous exercise and stretching, and their bodies are nicely proportioned. You could perhaps argue that male dancers' leg muscles are overdeveloped, from all the great jumps which look so beautiful and spectacular. And you could say that female ballet dancers might have too small breasts, although thank heavens the fashion for boyish ballerinas has faded. But both genders develop very nice bums, from all the work at the barre and in the centre using one leg--balancing on one leg in arabesques just as one example.

This pic shows just how nice a male dancer's body can look. This is Roberto Bolle (an Italian dancer) as Romeo with Coco Rocha as Juliet. Just in case you were wondering, no he is not nude, as if very evident from the other pics at this OHLALAMAG article.


Adam Phillips said...

I'm much impressed by the Bruce Weber shots. The musculature of his upper legs is amazing!

Nigel said...

I'm told also that the butt muscles of ballet dancers make for very good sex. Ahem.