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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ricky Martin con su amigo

Con su amigo or con un amigo? (With his friend or with a friend?)

Rumours persist about Ricky Martin's sexuality. Why the fuss? Who gives a flying foo-foo valve?

He's handsome, slim and, well... just a bit sexy. (My wife thinks he's totally unattractive!!!) Judge for yourself from the pics above. He's in good nick for a middle-aged guy, isn't he? Don't they both look good in their swimbriefs? Note Ricky scratching his itch.

(BTW, the pics are from OHLALA Mag.)


Anonymous said...

God those pics are 4 or 5 years old! The guy in the pic had his pregnant girlfriend with him which ppl would have known if ALL photos had been published! Also a second woman accompanied them, a good friend of Ricky's... I.e. there is fuck all going on or were for that matter. Besides why doesn't anybody listen to Ricky when he says "Im not gay, just gay-friendly" I feel sorry for his family and now his sons to have to put up with all these unsubstantiated rumors about Ricky.

Lisa said...

I've seen these pics before, where they were presented as Ricky and his brother. They do look similar. Ooh lala, good genes. Ricky should hang out more with his brother on the beach. In front of cameras. He should bring a hot boyfriend as well. Oooh, and his babies. Then my brain would *really* explode.

Nigel said...

It turns out after all that he is gay. And good on him for coming out. Still, gay or not, he has a gorgeous body.