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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


No, this isn't about shape-shifting, which I understand is newly fashionable in Hollywood, though I have written a story specifically about shape-shifters called Wolf, set in my world of Cappor, the sleazy capital of the Empire around the middle sea, but about moving house. Australians call it 'shifting'.

We've moved house, but oh what a series of trials it proved. We had to rent a largish lorry (3 tonnes) which I had to drive. With my damaged eye, that was hard. We had to lug great bookcases and sofas from the house, into the lorry and then from the lorry into the new house. I'm getting too old for that! I was without internet for over a week while phones and ISPs were arranged. But finally, after months of toil fixing up the old house, and then setting the new house to rights, I'm finally done. It's wonderful to have free time again!

So there's lots of news I have to share with you. My story Stripes is to appear in I Do 2, the short story anthology in support of gay marriage. It's to be published on St Valentine's day. I'm very chuffed that it was accepted, since the competition was fierce. The latest issue of Wilde Oats is out. You should read it. There are some great stories there, as well as a superb series of nude male paintings by Robert Tilendis and several articles on gays and marriage. And I've started on volume 3 of my Tapestry of Life trilogy.


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