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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wilde Oats Issue 4

I've been busy with the latest issue of the gay and bisexual e-zine Wilde Oats (I am one of the four editors) so I have alas not posted much here, nor written much. Wilde Oats has been going for nearly 18 months now, and we (the editors) are pretty pleased with how it's building credibility and readership.

There is no easy paper forum for writers of m2m (gay and bisexual) romance and erotica, especially if you are just starting out, no matter how good a writer you may be. My first story was published by the 'slash' e-zine Forbidden Fruit nearly six years ago now. FF was the predecessor to Wilde Oats. Now that I have had a couple of short stories published (the latest in the anthology I Do Two!) I remember with gratitude the invitation from the then editor (and founder) of Forbidden Fruit, Fiona Glass, to submit my story Lthon's Tale to the magazine. She gave me my first chance to be published. We at Wilde Oats do the same now for many excellent new authors.

Enough of this rambling! The latest issue of Wilde Oats is up, with stories, reviews, articles, rants and news. And when you've finished reading the current issue you can browse our archives.


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