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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Aussie Speedo Guy

This is a blog I read every once in a while. It's written by a fellow bisexual Ozzie, though he seems to be much more of a jetsetter and far more glamorous than I am!

He, like me, shares a fascination for what are called Speedos (whichever manufacturer makes them.) There's something about the thin layer between you and the world, about the hinting and concealment, about the key parts of the body hidden by those small scraps of fabric that make them very sexy. Proving I suppose that the biggest sex organ is the mind.

The pic of the nude guy shooting..... champagne! .... is from his blog, as is the guy in his 'speedo' (actually an AussieBum, I think) playing cricket. This bloke has to be Ozzie -- in England the weather's too bad to play cricket wearing just a pair of swim briefs, in America they don't play cricket and are in any case squeamish about short bathers, and in South Africa, cricket is no longer the popular sport it was. And anyway, I can see the Norfolk Island Pines in the background.

Just though I'd give you the head's up on his site. He's done me some favours in the past.

[Update:  The bullying Speedo corporation has forced Dave Evans to close down his Aussie Speedo Guy blog and website.  You can still find it here, though]

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