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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


A fascinating post from a straight bloke who seems to understand men in all their varieties, from rough western suburbs gabbas to smooth and poncey champagne quaffers. Sam de Brito is an interesting man, prepared to be different. In one post he dressed as a transvestite just to see what it was like. Only someone very sure of his sexuality could do that and write about it afterwards.

A quote from his blog post:

Our male mates are our "intimates" and, to allow someone to get this close to us, there needs to be some level of erotic attraction and that, my friends, is homoeroticism.

Professor Lynn Jamieson, the head of the school of sociology at the University of Edinburgh has defined intimacy as "close association, privileged knowledge, deep knowing and some form of love" and this surely describes the best of male friendships.

Homoeroticism has been acknowledged to be an integral part of male friendship for thousands of years and is reflected in the art of Ancient Greece, the Renaissance, all the way through to last century when the gloves really came off.

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