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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Swimbriefs

I'd like to buy some new swimbriefs, and ever since Aussiebum came out I've wanted a pair or two. OK, I'll need to lose a bit of weight first, dear hearts, I know, but still.

This is the kind I rather fancy. They're Ozzie, so delivery to me is quick (1 day). Made of nylon, they're not stretchy, which could be a problem, but for the same reason they don't get easily damaged by chlorine, and they dry very quickly. They're the kind of swimbriefs surf lifesavers wear here in Oz, and the kind the lifesavers wore when I was falling in love with my guy (he was a lifesaver--Lord preserve me from all these Nifty cliches!)

Aussiebum helped me with some great photos for an earlier post in this blog which ended up as an article in Wilde Oats, but I've since worked out how to disable flash player to get access to these delicious pics from their website all by myself.

The pics were obviously taken in Sydney, though I'm not sure which beach. The weather's a lot warmer up there, 500 miles closer to the equator.

Anyway, it's a goal I can aim for. Lose enough weight to look passable (I didn't say good!) in a pair of these. By the way, d'ya think the model is available too? :-)


Uncle said...

Order them WITHOUT the logo; after time (admittedly, a few years) it flakes off. The fabric, however, is still intact and shows little sign of wear.

Nikolaos said...

Yeah, the logo is just a decal applied to the fabric, and it wears away.