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Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh how the mighty are fallen

Years ago, I knew this amazingly beaut guy, who went on to become a model, for a while. He had nearly black hair, grey eyes which appeared darker than they were because of his sooty lashes, so that it was only close up that you saw just how beautiful they were, a creamy skin, and a perfect body, neither too skinny nor too muscled. Moreover, he had that natural charm which comes to confident, beautiful people provided they don't get swollen-headed. At a time when most young guys would have died rather than admit they found another man attractive, he always was the centre of attention at any party and the guys there were as attentive as the women.

We lost touch, but I saw a picture of him yesterday, 35 years since I last met him. Oh man. What's happened to me has happened to him: time's wingèd arrow. He's fat, and completely bald. That lovely thick floppy hair so casually flicked to one side, so sensuous you wanted to run your hands through it--all gone. I wouldn't have recognised him if I hadn't been told who it was. He still has a lovely smile though. And I bet in person he's just as much a charmer as he always was.

In some ways I've aged much better than he has (but then don't we all think that?) because I was never handsome as a young man. Now I'm not handsome as an older one. :-)

Happy days are here again
The skies above are clear again
So let's sing a song of cheer again
Happy days are here again.

Can't think why I'm in such a good mood. Oh. I know. It's Friday. By the way, should you see the guy in the pic, send him over, won't you? I am quite at leisure.

(Incidentally, this pic comes from GayTwoGether. Worth a visit)

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