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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Paris is one of my favourite cities. It isn't just filled with glorious architecture and statues, but then you also have the pavement cafes, the food, the chic and elegant people, the cosmopolitan vibe, the history.... I adore everything about it. I found this image ("Dancing Faun") on this blog. How elegant. How classy. Compare this to almost all modern architecture, to most of our cities. Depressing, ugly, misshapen, inelegant, revolting.

The Jardin du Luxembourg (Luxemburg Garden) is on the south bank, more or less due south from the Ile de la cite, an island in the middle of the Seine where Notre Dame cathedral is. One day, I will visit Paris again, and will spend a half-an-hour in Le Jardin du Luxembourg.

Did I tell you I was eyed up the last time I was there by a very handsome young Arab who was carrying an Algerian flag? The Algeria-France soccer match was on that weekend. It did wonders for my ego.

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