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Friday, June 18, 2010

World Cup

Quelle blague! Efferybotty iss zo stupide! exclaimed the countess as she pushed the maid into the cupboard and threw away the key.

OK. Each to his own. But really! A bunch of blokes wearing shorts too long and too baggy, in a game where a one-all score is exciting? Sorry, me darlin's, it's borin'. Footy and rugby players are sexy to look at. They wear short shorts. American football players wear those wonderfully revealing lycra tops and bottoms. Though you can never see what they actually look like because of their helmets. Sort of like Transformers the Movie. But soccer? C'mon. Get them out of those 1920's baggies into something sexier. And I'll think about watching. Or at least, think about thinking about watching. I mean, why else does one watch sport, except for the beaut bods? As this article by Myf Warhurst (a woman) says, rather funnier than I could.

So instead of a pic about the world cup, I'll give you this one of a beauty in Rio. I like his smile. And his bod. And his Speedos. Who needs overclothed world-cuppers, nu?

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