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Friday, August 13, 2010

Dieux du Stade

It's French, mes amis. And it means 'Gods of the Stadium'. And they are. Young French rugby players, who seem to be leaner and more beautiful than their British, New Zealand, Ozzie or South African counterparts.

The new Dieux du Stade calendar, magnificently photographed by Tony Duran, is out. Just a few photos to whet your appetite and possibly wet your..... ahem.

One thing which intrigues me: the beaut blokes in these photos must know they're going to be perved at by all us homos. OK, there is prolly a huge female audience too, but the women I know don't much care for muscly guys, even as tastefully muscular as these guys. Does it bother them? One suspects not: ppl I know from Europe say that though they don't make a fuss about it, many, many youngsters these days don't much care whether their partner is male or female. The world is moving on from the either/or culture of 30 years ago. A sporty friend (American football and soccer) reckons that sportsmen (young ones) are comfy with touching other men and being close to them. Maybe. Jason Akermanis doesn't think so, as I've mentioned before. But then he's a nincompoop.

There are other calendars of beaut sportsmen. But these are to my mind the best. And just imagine how sexy their accents are!

I'm off to take a cold shower.


Anonymous said...

Wish these guys didn't do so much shaving and oiling. A scruff of beard and a matte finish look more natural and bed-ready.

Nigel said...

They haven't shaved chest hair as far as I can tell. Designer stubble on some would be nice, I agree.

As for bed-ready. Nah. They're like a Lamborghini. Out of my range, alas. Like the Lamborghini I admire from a distance, without the hope of ever owning one.

Anonymous said...


they're not all French..... In fact, the cover model James Haskell plays for England. :P the duo are Thom & Max Evans who play for Wales....

while I don't speak French, I think this is saying 1/3rd are from the Stade team, 1/3rd are international players, and 1/3rd are from Great Britain.

sorry to burst your bubble about the accents! :P

Nigel said...

Welsh is also a sexy accent. And the others would have to keep their mouths shut. Um. Let me rephrase that. Not talk.