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Monday, August 23, 2010

Male Beauty

The classic image of male beauty: broad shoulders, narrow waist, defined muscles. As long as it's not overdone. Even with older blokes this standard holds true, and I suspect the main reason older guys aren't considered sexy is because they've let themselves go, and their waists are bigger than their shoulders.

I wonder why we think this is beautiful? Is it conditioned? I know many women don't like this look, preferring someone a little slimmer, less muscular, more like the last picture in this trio. But even there, the basic ideal I stated above remains.

I remember once listening to some women describing the things they found sexy in men, and the things they didn't. They found men working with rolled up shirt-sleeves sexy; they found men with shapely bums sexy; they found men who were strong yet kind and compassionate very hot. They hated men who were "slobs": unwashed, dirty clothes, bad breath, and (gulp) overweight. How muscular they were didn't even enter the equation. I suspect men (even straight men) build muscle to impress other men. Women, in my experience, don't care.

There are many classically beautiful men I am not even slightly attracted to, and many guys who are far from the ideals pictured here I find very sexy. I reckon it has to do with whether they find you interesting; whether their smile is for you; whether they have a sense of humour and compassion; whether their smile lights up their eyes. Beauty is not the same as attractiveness.

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