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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nick Ayler, again.

In the latest DNA, there is a photo spread of Nick Ayler, who was the subject of a post I did a little while ago. In this pic he's clearly wearing AussieBum white nylon swimbriefs. (I've included a pic so you can judge for yourself whether I'm right about what he's wearing!)

He also gave a fatuous interview to DNA who were all gasp squirm and asked highly feeble questions, which he answered competently, with the usual bromides. We can all sleep well now we know he doesn't mind if we homos perve on him. Gott sei dank!

I suppose I'm no better, really, since I'm not interested in his opinions, just his looks. Sigh. The curse of gay-shaded males.

All the same, he is extraordinarily beautiful. Perhaps a little too ripped for my taste, but still. Lord, who am I to be picky?!

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