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Saturday, September 11, 2010

At it again

In a single school district in the Midwest, there have been 3 suicides of gay teenagers so far this year, as a result of bullying. The group Focus on Family (so-called: it's really nothing to do with family, just a bunch of trigger words of the sort they use in advertising food, like "pure", or "golden", or "natural", when the glop they manufacture is none of these things) is vehemently opposed to any attempt to reduce bullying of gay teens. This is, they say, "sexualising the issue". But we know that gay teens are disproportionately bullied. Read this and this to see the story in more detail.

Focus on Family consistently points to the horrors of homosexual life: drug abuse, STDs, depression and suicide. Somehow these cretins refuse to understand that it is precisely the hatred and disdain of the Christian-Fascists which cause these problems. If you are despised and hated and ridiculed, if you have nowhere to turn because even your family hates what you are, well, naturally you will be depressed. And these contemptible gnu-gnus, not content to just to rant, are in fact organising resistance to any attempt by parents or schools to address the unhappiness of gay teens. Almost as if they are glad that young gays die.

God is Love say the signs outside the churches, repeating what St John said : θεὸς ἀγάπη ἐστίν. Well, He may be love, but his self-appointed representatives on Earth are not. Perhaps the best refutation to the hatred and hypocrisy of these loathsome people is this letter.

As they smugly 'pray' or have 'bible study' classes these contemptible, horrible, judgemental pseudo-Christians spread unhappiness, sorrow and loneliness. And then blame their victims when the inevitable happens. It would make me weep if I weren't so angry.

US citizens can sign a petition here.

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