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Friday, September 3, 2010


Darl.  That's Ozzie for 'darling'. I've had a whole series of thoughts arising from this article, about perceptions and stereotypes and how we gay-shaded blokes like to think we're unjudgemental and unprejudiced. About how being constantly put down by others eventually breaks your spirit. But it's going to take me ages to write, so.... tomorrow, or the next day. Meantime, consider why firemen, tradies, policemen, cowboys and leather men are considered sexy by so many gay blokes. Why is the story of a straight man turning gay is so compelling (and such a Nifty trope?) Why is "slash" such a popular genre? Why do so many gays advertise for "straight-acting" men in the gay dating smalls?

I'll give you my answers soon. Meanwhile I'll share with you some pics of hot tradies, from a nationwide competition to choose the sexiest tradie. Frankly, these blokes'd be hot even if they weren't tradies. But something about khaki trousers and sweaty torsos. . . .

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