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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nick Riewoldt consoles Brad Johnson

Oh man. This is just such a touching photo. So I'm a sapmeister. Bite me.

Nick Riewoldt is captain of St Kilda, Brad Johnson the retiring captain of the Western Bulldogs. This is his last season, and his team won't go through to the grand finals. How he must have hoped for a win.

What was it Churchill said? In War: Resolution; in Defeat: Defiance; in Victory: Magnanimity; in Peace: Goodwill. This is in the best, rather old-fashioned view of sport, which is supposed to teach you to win or lose with grace and courage.The comfort offered by Riewoldt to Johnson is heart-warming. I don't know Nick Riewoldt at all, but this picture tells a compelling story. I get the feeling he's a really nice bloke. Nicely done, mate. Very nicely done.

There's a kind of homo-eroticism in the picture, but let's not read too much into it. I'm sure both guys are straight. But it's a moving pic all the same.

Wish I had friends like that.

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