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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nick Riewoldt

Nick Riewoldt looks a lot like my creation Tom Siedentrop, the footy player from the imaginary team "Archbishop's".

The similarity was pointed out to me after I wrote Footy, I assure you!

Lenny Hayes (headband, brown hair) is on the left Nick Riewoldt (blond hair blue eyes) is on the right. They're rather . . . sexy, aren't they?

If you want to read about an imaginary footy player and his gay best friend, you can do it here.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Footy. It was interesting how shy backward Adam, whose closest friend was a pet cat, ended up facilitating the unusual 3 way relationships for his sister and for a friend of a friend as well as finding the love of his life in a unique way. It makes me think about how every relationship is unique with its own eccentricities. I think the book mentioned just about every type of imbibable alcohol made. Alcohol is the universal social lubricant.

Nigel said...

I think perhaps we -- or some of us, anyway -- can only really have compassion and understanding when we have experienced something ourselves.

Adam knew what it was like to be lonely, to be an outsider. So he could understand the pain of others. And because, despite being shy, he was also decisive, and used to making key decisions at work, he took charge when it was needed.

I can't remember mentioning every kind of alcohol! How very revealing!