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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Spring is Sprung

Today, the 1st of September, is the first day of spring. Officially. Natch, it's hard to credit, since it poured with rain, and there's more on the way. But it is warmer than it's been, and everywhere there is evidence that Nature knows what's coming up: trees in bud, bulbs in flower, birds a-singing. Positively Chaucerian. There is a daffodil festival in Kyneton (20 k's further into the Central Highlands) starting tomorrow, and a tulip festival in Canberra.

Meanwhile, this is the season when a young man's thoughts are supposed to turn to love. This somewhat older man's thoughts have turned that way too, but that's for tomorrow.

Meanwhile enjoy the photo of Kyneton, which is a town relatively unscathed by vile modern architecture, mainly because modernist architects are put to death as they cross the municipal boundaries.

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