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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Beaut Guy

I love the picture of this bloke.  Not too muscled, yet also not fat.  His "speedo" -- actually an Aussiebum Botany -- looks just right on him.  His thighs look just the right size: big enough to grip but not so over-muscled that he looks like a frog.  And the proportions relative to his torso and calves are perfect.

I like his quizzical look, and his mouth is so sensual.  The slight fold over of his upper lip, the ironic upward curl in each corner of his mouth.  The square head and thick, level eyebrows (mine are fly-away, and I HATE them!)   Lovely.  When I'm slim again  (a happy prospect, which like the shimmer on a hot highway, seems always to retreat a bit further as I approach it)  I'll share a photo of me in my Aussiebum-Botanys.  Yeah, right.

I have got more substantial things to comment on, like uterine replicators,whether hatred of gays is in-born, teenage suicides, and the power of slash, but I've still to write these masterly (?) analyses.   And I'm behind at work and will be interstate later this week to help my best friend through a funeral.  So in the meantime, enjoy the eye-candy.

A final thought.  This guy's face is so attractive that even if he didn't have a lovely body, I'd still find him interesting.

Update:  The Uterine Replicator post can be found here; the Power of Slash here

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