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Monday, October 25, 2010

Budgie Smugglers

The Ozzie term for male swimbriefs is budgie smugglers.  Classic Ozzie self-mockery:   if you're wearing swimbriefs it looks as if you're hiding a small bird down the front.  Forget 8 inch cocks with the thickness of beer cans.  All you've got mate, is a budgie. (Ain't that the truth!)

Originally Speedo was an Ozzie company, founded in the late 20s in Bondi (pron. Bond-eye) in Sydney. They were sold off to an American conglomerate in the late 80s.  Design moved to America and Speedo immediately lost the plot, dumping colour for dull blacks and navies, and adding shorts and board shorts to their range. As an Ozzie company, Speedo had huge panache and pzazz, because Ozzie men were considered very sexy in England and America at the time.  They still are, actually.  (Your correspondent colours modestly and looks away.)  As an American company, Speedo gradually became less and less sexy.  For a while there was no one to fill the gap.   Then two new Ozzie companies started to make traditional Ozzie bathers, filling the gap created by Speedo's move towards irrelevancy: Aussiebum and Budgy Smuggler.

I like wearing swimbriefs to do laps in.  Shorts are wet and clammy and drag in the water.  They take forever to dry.  Swimbriefs are easy to wring out, dry quickly, and don't leave your whole sports bag sodden.  Oh, and on the right person, they're sexy as.   When I'm at the beach, I wear bathers underneath shorts, and drop the shorts just before I go into the sea to swim.  After my swim, I sit on my  towel in my budgie smugglers till they're dry then put the shorts back on. 

I ended up a few years ago buying some Budgy Smugglers.  I like their slightly higher waist (compared to Aussiebum briefs), the material (which isn't  lycra or nylon but is a sort of long-lasting stretchy polyester) and the styles.  I also prefer the roomier fit.  I bought a couple of pairs to wear as undies and to swim in (for a while I was doing 0.8 km a day).  I also like the fact that they use hot but ordinary guys as models.  Makes you feel their magic might work for you too. Only criticism: they're probably half a size too big.  If you like your briefs snug, then buy a size down.

Apparently budgie smugglers (even if you call them Speedos) are back in fashion. 

Adam Linforth (Budgy Smuggler owner) is the bloke at the front. Hmmm.
They were the first major sponsor from outside the writing world to support Wilde Oats, so I'm glad to give them a plug here by way of a thank you.

Budgy Smugglers home page is here.  They ship worldwide.


jimboylan2 said...

Are "Aussiebum" and "Budgy Smuggler" lettered briefs the brands of swim briefs that mainstream Ozzie swimmers wear? In the United States, flaunting the brand name by giving it free exterior advertising is sometimes considered to be a young peoples' thing.

Nikolaos said...

I don't often get to the beach, alas. So I can't comment on what happens there. At the pool where I swim, most of the men over 30 wear squarecuts or bikini swimbriefs. However, they wear plain black or navy Speedos (the brand). The younger blokes wear jammers, shorts, swimbriefs and boardshorts. Unless they're in the squad, in which case they wear swimbriefs. I'm the only one who wears Aussiebums.