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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I love to go a wandering

I loved this image. Two young blokes, hiking through the mountains, and both of them handsome as.  Well, perhaps not hiking (one of them wears flip-flops) but on holiday.   Reminds me of my many mountain-climbing trips.  There's something special about going into the wilderness with your mates.  Especially when they look like this.


Campbell said...

Hey Nigel,

Do you reckon they're brothers?

Just discovered your blog and am enjoying reading through it.
I came across you a few years ago through some short story site. Glad to see you're still writing. Keep it up.
I look forward to following

Nigel said...

Come to think of it, they look do like brothers.

The short story site you mention was probably Forbidden Fruit which is sadly defunct. It's been replaced by Wilde Oats and I have a few stories there too, plus one in I Do Two! the anthology in support of gay marriage.