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Friday, November 26, 2010

Blue-Arsed Fly

Racing around like a blue-arsed fly, busy as.  I'm working on the upload of Wilde Oats, the online gay-shaded magazine I help create.  As usual, there is always more to do than I first thought!  It tedious work, but somebody must do it.  And this will be Wilde Oats sixth issue. Two years old, and getting stronger every day.

So, here's a pic of an extraordinarily beautiful guy for you to perve over.  It should keep you going.


Muskox said...

I thought this was the 8th issue, which means it will be three years old next April!

Nikolaos said...

This particular post is dated 25th November 2010. We do 3 issues a year, in April August and December. We had a promo issue in January 2009, but that wasn't really a full issue with fiction, non-fiction, reviews, etc. Call that issue zero!

So the issue coming up now (December 2011) is our ninth, which makes it 3 years so far.