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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I love this picture.  Look at the ease these two guys have with each other.  Look at the affection, the love.  Of course, it's post-coital, and a man may promise (or think) anything then.  Yet, I think not.  I hope not.  This is love, however you wish to define it. Look at the downward-looking eyes of the guy on top, at the smile of the one underneath.  Trust, love, acceptance.  How wonderful love and affection are.  Like the wings of Hope, released from Pandora's box, they somehow make it all worth while.


SoulAdrift said...

I am so enjoying all the photos. They make me scream inside my head, "How can any human being not see the beauty in these relationships???" Thank you for choosing and posting them. - Lichen Craig

Nikolaos said...

This couple is particularly beautiful. I love the body language, the love they express.