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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Majorca Flats -- 05

My name's Eleanor Cumberledge,” she said.

Jason,” he replied, using his real first name because it made it less likely he'd ignore it when somebody called to him. “Jason Wellbury.” It was his mother's maiden name.

Will you be staying long in Australia, Jason?”

Oh, six months or so. I want to avoid the English winter. You know how depressing it can be, Mrs Cumberledge.”

Indeed! But our winter will start in a few months. It can be quite dispiriting too, you know. Everybody thinks Australia is always warm and sunny, but Melbourne can be very cold and rainy in June and July.” She laughed. “Even in December, too!”

Jason smiled. He didn't care. Here he would be safe. The weather didn't matter. He sipped his tea from the delicate cup and tried not to yawn. He was so tired, and his body clock was still on London time.

Well, must get on,” she said. “You look exhausted. I'll leave you to get settled.”

Actually, it was Jason who had to leave. He smiled a little to himself. Thanking her for the tea, he went yawning to his room, and stripping to his boxers, slipped under the doona and was instantly asleep.

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