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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Majorca Flats -- 18

It was odd that Mrs Cumberledge had no other lodgers. Jason wondered why. After all, if she needed the money, presumably one or two other boarders would not be too great a burden and the money would make a difference. But maybe she simply wanted somebody in the house, so she wasn't alone. But then, why was the sign in the window so faded? He shook his head at his thoughts. What difference did it make? He would only be here for a few months.

After he'd stacked away the groceries he'd bought, he set out to explore. Mrs Cumberledge had given him a few suggestions of places to see, but before he did that he wanted to get the feel of the city. The street outside The Lord Grey had had tramlines running down the middle, and he waited at the tram stop on the side which seemed to lead towards the city. He could see the skyscrapers in the distance, about 2 or 3 kilometres away. When the tram came, he bought a three-hour ticket, and took a seat. He'd noted the number of the tram as he'd seen it approaching, and he'd memorised some landmarks at the tram stop so that he could find his way back.

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