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Monday, November 29, 2010

Next to the Water

I thought you'd like this image.

It reminds me of good times I had when I was younger.  Going to the beach, lying stretched out in the sun, surfing and swimming and being with friends.  I like these blokes' bodies:  not overdone, but still slim and sexy.  I like the tan lines.  And I like the pubic bush -- the fashion for shaving it all off. . . .   Nope.  Not to my taste at all!  But most of all, I like the easy-going, natural, utterly right closeness and intimacy.

Lots of stuff I want to talk about, but I'm still too busy.

Meanwhile . . .  enjoy!


yourcock4mymouth said...

Totally new to this blog thing and just came across your site - looking great man. ;-) i'm gonna keep looking

Nigel said...

Glad you like it! I try to have a mix of the challenging and interesting as well as the merely entertaining. :-)

Michael E said...

Totally agree!