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Monday, December 13, 2010

American Football College Hotties

I don't follow sports.  Well, except for the blokes.  The games don't interest me.  I couldn't tell you what the critical differences between soccer, footy (Ozzie rules football), rugby league, rugby union or American football are.  I can tell you what their gear looks like, though!

This player caught my attention because of his name: Ryan van Rensburg.  A classic South African name.  Only he's betrayed his heritage (Skaam!  Skandaal!  Sies!) by giving up rugby and taking up American football when his family emigrated from SA to the US.

He's kinda tasty, no?  I wonder whether he can still speak the taal.   I've forgotten so much myself, after all these years.

I heard about him and got the picture here.

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