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Friday, December 10, 2010

Majorca Flats -- 24

Jason's fatty was as hard as ever. He couldn't explain why he found this man so hot. He was beautiful, beyond beautiful, as a man or a woman. Stunning. His eyes were dark, liquid, like wet olives, and his hair was glossy, of a brown so dark it was close to black, yet it didn't seem dark because of its shine. His hair was long and gelled into spikes, with the colour shading paler towards the tips. It made him look like a character from a computer game. Against the dark accents of his hair and his eyebrows and his eyes, his skin was a pale cream. His body was slim, androgynous, without an ounce of surplus fat or muscle. His clothes were ostentatiously dandified: loose pale linen pants worn low, with the waistband and strap of his thong showing; exquisite and obviously expensive leather sandals, a perfectly tailored perfectly white shirt, sleeves rolled up to show heavy gold chain bracelets. The shirt was of such expensive cotton that Jason could clearly see the bar in one nipple and the ring in the other. The bottom button of the shirt was undone, and a belly-button in a firm swell of pale muscle haloed by a sprinkling of dark hair could be glimpsed through the gap.

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